HA Schult Biography

Born in 1939 in Parchim/Germany HA Schult grew up in the ruins of Berlin. From 1958 to 1961 he studied at the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf.

1962 –
Living in Munich
1971 Guest Professor, Kassel Art Academy
1978 –
Living and working in Cologne
1980 –
Living and working in New York
1986 Establishing the HA Schult-Museum für Aktionskunst in Essen
1986 –
Living and working in New York and Essen
1991 –
Living and working in Berlin
Living and working in Cologne and Berlin
1992 Moving the HA Schult-Museum für Aktionskunst from Essen to Cologne
2009 Founding Director of ÖkoGlobe Institut, Duisburg – Essen University

HA Schult creates his projects with Elke Koska the muse. Since 2001 also with Birgit Froehlich the actress. He lives with Anna Zlotovskaya the violinist in Cologne and Berlin.

In the sixties he coins phrases such as “Macher” and “Biokinetik”. Since then the social fauna of cities and landscapes are in the focus of his work, like Venice (“Venezia Vive”, 1976), NewYork (“Crash”, 1977, “Trash City”, “Now”, 1983), Berlin (“Die Stadt”, 1982, “New York ist Berlin”, 1985), Cologne (“Fetisch Auto”, 1989), St. Petersburg (“Marble Time”, “War and Peace”, 1994), Germany (“Aktion 20.000 km”, 1970). The Ruhrregion (“Ruhr-Tour”, 1978), and the Rhineland (“Rheingeist”, 1996).

In 1998 he created the “Peace Storage Building“ in Osnabrück, 1999 his “Hotel Europe” at the Cologne-Bonn Autobahn which ended in a spectacular blasting on May 13, 2001. In 2001 he realized the poetic “LoveLetters Building” in Berlin-Mitte, 2003 “Trees for Peace” in Zollverein, Essen, 2010 and 2011 “Corona Beach Garbage Hotel”, Rome and Madrid.

Since 1996 “Trash People”, Xanten, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Cairo, Zermatt, Kilkenny, Gorleben, Brussels, Cologne, Graz, Rome, Barcelona, Washington D.C., Siracuse, Fabriano, Telgte, Arctic.

HA Schult was one of the first artists to deal with the ecological imbalances in his work. He is a major contributor to today`s new ecological awareness. His works were on show on all continents. They are in many private and public collections all over the world. He participated twice at the documenta 1972 and 1977.

Since 2007, the worldwide first award for an environmental conscious car industry, the ÖkoGlobe by HA Schult, is presented yearly.

Munich, 1968 ekto gallery

Munich, 1968
ekto gallery

Munich, 1969 Schackstraße

Munich, 1969

Munich, 1969
Trash Literature

Munich, 1969
HA Schult, Elke Koska, Jürgen Claus

Cologne, 1969
Ingo Kümmel, HA Schult, Policeman

Munich, 1969 Studio Munich Schwabing

Munich, 1969
Studio Munich Schwabing

Leverkusen, 1969
Günter Saree, Rolf Wedewer, HA Schult

Munich, 1970 Sreet Artwork

Munich, 1970
Street Artwork

Munich, 1970
HA Schult, Gerd Winkler

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

Munich, 1970
Feldherrnhalle, 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

German Autobahn, 1970
Aktion 20.000 km

Aachen, 1971
Schult – Shoe with locusts, Wolf Vostell

Essen, 1974 Museum Folkwang

Essen, 1974
Museum Folkwang

Ruhr District, 1978

Duisburg, 1978
Adam Seide, HA Schult, Georg F. Schwarzbauer

New York, 1981
HA Schult, Gregory Battcock, Elke Koska

New York, 1981

New York, 1981 Nam June Paik, HA Schult

New York, 1981
Nam June Paik, HA Schult

Düsseldorf, 1982
Art People

New York, 1983 HA Schult, Robert Rauschenberg

New York, 1983
HA Schult, Robert Rauschenberg

New York, 1983
Muse and Macher

New York, 1983
HA Schult, Evelyn Weiss, Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth

New York, 1983 West Broadway

New York, 1983
West Broadway

New York is Berlin, 1985

New York is Berlin, 1985

Berlin, 1985 Rainer Hildebrandt, HA Schult

Berlin, 1985
Rainer Hildebrandt, HA Schult

New York, 1985 Roosevelt Island

New York, 1985
Roosevelt Island

Beijing, 1986 Tian'anmen Square

Beijing, 1986
Tian'anmen Square

Düsseldorf, 1958 Academy of Art

Düsseldorf, 1958
Academy of Art

Munich, 1968 ekto gallery

Munich, 1968
ekto gallery

Leverkusen, 1969 Museum Morsbroich

Leverkusen, 1969
Museum Morsbroich

Munich, 1970 Aktion 20.000 km

Munich, 1970
Aktion 20.000 km

Telgte, 2011 Anna Zlotovskaya, violin

Telgte, 2011
Anna Zlotovskaya, violin

Telgte, 2011 Anna Zlotovskaya, violin

Telgte, 2011
Anna Zlotovskaya, violin

New York, 1985 The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

New York, 1985
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Cologne, 2011 HA Schult Museum

Cologne, 2011
HA Schult Museum

Arctic, 2011 78° | 3'N | 5° 33' E

Arctic, 2011
Advent Valley

Gorleben, 2004 Saltmine

Gorleben, 2004

Xanten 1980

Düsseldorf, 1982
Anatol Herzfeld, HA Schult, Elke Koska

Dortmund, 1986
HA Schult, Allan Kaprow

Essen, 1987
Han Boping, mayor of Beijing

Essen, 1987 HA Schult Museum

Essen, 1987
Art People

Saint Petersburg, 1994 Palace Square

Saint Petersburg, 1994
Palace Square

Saint Petersburg, 1994
Art People

Beijing, 1999
The Great Hall of the People

Beijing, 2000
HA Schult, Han Yang I

Beijing, 2001 Great Wall

Beijing, 2001
Great Wall

Beijing, 2001
Great Wall

Beijing, 2001 Beijing Hotel

Beijing, 2001
Beijing Hotel

Cairo, 2002 Al Gezirah Palace

Cairo, 2002
Al Gezirah Palace

Cairo, 2002 Pyramids of Giza

Cairo, 2002
Pyramids of Giza

Barcelona, 2007 HA Schult, Heinz Kühn

Barcelona, 2007
HA Schult, Heinz Kühn

Barcelona, 2007 Birgit Fröhlich, Elke Koska

Barcelona, 2007
Birgit Fröhlich, Elke Koska

Nuremberg, 2007
NMN, Neues Museum Nürnberg

Leipzig, 1991 Künstlerbedarf

Leipzig, 1991

Karlsruhe, 2011
Frozen Car

Fabriano, 2011

Rome 2010 Saint Angelo

Rome, 2010
Saint Angelo

Cologne 1999 Studio Bensberg, the crew

Cologne, 1999
Studio Bensberg, the crew

Rome, 2010 Thomas Hoepker, HA Schult, Kolin Schult

Rome, 2010
Thomas Hoepker, HA Schult, Kolin Schult

Melsungen, 2011B. Braun

Melsungen, 2011
B. Braun sharing expertise

Selected Solo Exibitions

2013 Diocesan Museum, Paderborn
Au Cloister, Monschau
2012 Fundacion Manos Verdes,
Buenos Aires
Mod's Hair, Cologne
2011 Kranhaus1, CMS Hasche Sigle,Cologne Kulturhuset, Longyearbyen
2010 Alexander Korobchinsky Art Center, Odessa
2008 National Geographic Museum Explorers Hall, Washington, D.C.
2007 Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, Cologne
sidispot, Cologne
2005 Bortier gallery, Brussels
sohle1, Bergkamen
2004 artiscope gallery, Brussels
Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, Cologne
HA Schult gallery, Cologne
Charlotte Sailer gallery, Wissen
2003 Entsorga, Cologne
2001 Postfuhramt, Berlin
2000 Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin
Museum für Kommunikation, Frankfurt
Museum für Kommunikation, Nuremberg
1999 Art Cologne, Germany
Eva Marie Bergermuseum, Amorbach
ITB, Berlin
1998 Museum Burg Wissem, Troisdorf
Charlotte Sailer gallery, Wissen
1997 Carmen Vetere gallery, Eitorf
Galerie am Markt, Cologne-Porz
Bernd Behrens Car Center, Kassel
Neue Galerie, Bad Marienberg
1996 Central Train Station, Cologne, Dortmund, Hamburg-Altona, Hannover, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich Kunsthaus, Cologne
1995 Central Train Station, Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf
1994 The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg
1992 Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus
Rathaus Sassnitz, Rügen Island
Galerie Junge Kunst, Frankfurt/O.
Kulturhistorisches Museum, Rostock
Galerie am Fischmarkt, Erfurt
Galerie der HGB, Leipzig
1991 Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, Cologne
Städt. Museum, Zwickau
Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Berlin-Mitte
Hospitalhof, Stuttgart
1990 Städt. Galerie im Prinz-Max-Palais, Karlsruhe
Gasteig, Munich
Vonderau Museum, Fulda
Städt. Galerie Schloss Wolfsburg
Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen
Museum Volk und Wirtschaft, Düsseldorf
Kunsthaus, Hamburg
Kunsthalle, Bremen
1989 Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn
1988 Carlo Lamagna gallery, New York, N.Y. Hennemann gallery Bonn
1987 Inge Baecker gallery, Cologne
1985 Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren
Kunsthalle, Nuremberg
Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim
1984 Lincke Bookstore, Düsseldorf
1982 Hans Strelow gallery, Düsseldorf
Kunstverein, Düsseldorf
1980 Museum Ludwig, Cologne
sohle1, Bergkame
1978 Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund
Städt. Museum, Mülheim
Städt. Galerie, Bergkamen
1977 Europalia, Brussels
Palazzo Odescalchi, Rome
Palazzo Spalletti, Naples
Camomille gallery, Brussels
1976 Lauter gallery, Mannheim
1975 Städt. Galerie, Ravensburg
Edith Seuss gallery, Buchschlag
Batimat, Paris
Galerie K, Darmstadt
1974 Lenbachhaus, Munich
Inge Baecker gallery, Bochum
Kunsthalle zu Kiel
Museum Folkwang, Essen
Bundesbauministerium, Bonn
Ubu gallery, Karlsruhe
BfG, Frankfurt
Bouwbeurs, Utrecht
constructa, Hannover
1973 Museum Wiesbaden
Falazik gallery, Neuenkirchen
Edith Seuss gallery, Buchschlag
Inge Baecker gallery, Bochum
1972 Otto van de Loo gallery, Munich
Rochus Kowallek gallery, Frankfurt
Klaus Lüpke gallery, Frankfurt
1971 Rudolf Zwirner gallery, Cologne
Neue Galerie-Collection Ludwig, Aachen
Kunstverein Heidelberg
Spot/University, Kiel
1969 Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen
K 235, Ingo Kümmel gallery, Cologne
1968 ekto gallery, Munich

Selected Actions

2013 "Clean Water Building",
Qingdao, China
"Antarctica Project",
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"From Waste to Art",
Baku, Azerbaijan
“Monschau People”,
Monschau, Germany
“The Blood of Alexander Korobchinsky", Odessa, Ukraine
2012 “Potala Palace People”, Lhasa, Tibet
“ÖkoGlobe VI”, Cologne
“Climate.Klima.”, ZKM Karlsruhe, Berlin
2011 “Arctic People”, Longyearbyen, 78° 13´N 15° 33´E
“Corona Beach Garbage Hotel”, Madrid
“Future inside”, B.Braun, Melsungen, Germany
“Einkehr inTelgte”, Telgte, Germany
“Frozen Car”, Car Culture, ZKM Karlsruhe
2010 “Trash People”, Fabriano, Italy
“Corona Beach Garbage Hotel”, Rome
“Der lange Atem”, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
“Stecker am Dom”,“Golden Fishes Car”, Cologne
2009 “Crying Cars”, Cologne
2008 “Nabucco”, Antikenfestspiele Trier, Germany
“Car Crash”, Riverside, Cologne
2007 “Roman People”, Piazza del Popolo, Rome
“Barcelona People”, Plaza Real, Barcelona
“ÖkoGlobe I”, Cologne
2006 “Cologne People”, Cathedral Square, Cologne,
“Zerbrochene Träume”, Rosenthal, Cologne
2005 “Grand Place People”, Grand-Place, Brussels
“Das Glück”, City Center, Bergkamen, Germany
2004 “Stille Tage in Gorleben”, Saltmine, Gorleben, Germany
2003 “Trees for Peace”, Zollverein, Essen, Germany
“Matterhorn People”, Stellisee, Zermatt, Switzerland
“World Box”, Event Island, Berlin-Spandau
2002 “Pyramids People”, Giza, Egypt
2001 “Love Letters Building”, Berlin-Mitte
“Great Wall People”, Beijing
“Trash Dance”, Beijing Opera House
2000 “Arche 2000”, Pariser Platz 3, Berlin
“Der gelbe Kilometer”, Skyline Frankfurt, Germany
“Trash Man One” in the Universe
Space Shuttle Endeavour
1999 “Hotel Europe”, Autobahn Cologne-Bonn
1999 “Red Square People”, Red Square, Moscow
“Trash People”, La Défense, Paris
1998 “Friedensspeicher”, Harbour Osnabrück, Germany
“Trash People”,DLR, German Aerospace Center, Cologne
1997 “Inside out”, Prison-Ossendorf, Cologne
“Prozess Stau”, Law Court, Düsseldorf
1996 “Rheingeist”, Bonn, Cologne, Leverkusen, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Xanten, Germany
“Rhein-Ruhr-City”, Kunstkäfig Sutter, Essen, Germany
1994 “Der Krieg”, Palace Square, Saint Petersburg,
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin,
Times Square, New York, N.Y.
“MarbleTime”, Marble Palace, Saint Petersburg
1992 “Die Welle”, Wissower Klinken, Rügen Island
“Die Wolke”, Marienkirche, Frankfurt /O.
1991 “End-Zeit”, ZDF/Atze Brauner Studios, Berlin
“Denk-Mal-Auto”, Köln.Stadtmuseum, Cologne
1990 “Friedensaltar”, Mittelrhein-Museum, Koblenz, Germany
“Schwarz, Rot – Geld”, 68elf, Cologne
1989 “Fetisch Auto”, Röm. -Germ. Museum, Cologne
“Ver-rückter Garten”, AWO, Essen
1985 “New York ist Berlin”, Guggenheim Museum, New York, N .Y.
Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
“Das Ding”, City Square, Dortmund
1984 “Broken Dreams”, Kunstsommer Bonn
1983 “Now”, Washington Street, New York, N .Y.
“Trash City”, Nationalstudios, New York, N .Y.
1981 “Tribute to Gregory Battcock”, Anthology Film Archives, New York, N .Y.
1980 “Der Alltag”, Römisch-Germanisches-Museum, WDR, Cologne
“Jetzt-Zeit-Reise”, Museum Ludwig, Cologne
Archäologischer Park, Xanten, Germany
1979 “Trash”, Palazzo Grassi/New York University, Venice, Italy
1978 “Ruhr-Tour”, Essen, Duisburg, Bochum, Dortmund, Mülheim, Gelsenkirchen, Bergkamen, Ruhrdistrict, Germany
1977 “Crash”, New York, Staten Island
Herkules, Kassel, via Satellite,
documenta VI
1976 ““Venezia Vive”, Piazza S. Marco, Venice, Italy
“Konsumbaum”, Städt. Gal. Wolfsburg
“Ruhrfenster”, Museum Volk und Wirtschaft, Düsseldorf
1975 “Bergkamener Landschaft”, sohle1, Bergkamen
1974 “Ereignisraum für Beckett”, Staatstheater/Kunstverein, Stuttgart
“Beckenbauer Trash”, Lenbachhaus, Munich
1973 “Konsum-Mal”, Bochumer Kunstwoche, Bochum, Germany
1971 “Gastarbeitersituation”, spot/University, Kiel
1970 “5 kg Agar Agar”, Art Basel, Basel
“TV Situation” Aktionsraum1, Munich
“Touuuuuuuristen”, Monschau, Germany
“Prozess Schackstr.”, Law Court, Munich
“Aktion 20.000 km”, Aktionsraum 1, Munich, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Kunsthalle Cologne, Neue Gal.-Collection. Ludwig, Aachen, Kunstverein Mannheim, Kunstverein Heidelberg, Kunstverein Ingolstadt, Kunsthalle Nuremberg, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin
1969 “Situation Schackstraße”, Schackstraße, Munich
“König des Konsums”, Streetwork, Munich
“Terra Extra”, Gal. Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna
“Computer Situation”, Lüpke gallery, Frankfurt
Schleissheim Airport, Germany
1968 “Deconstruction”, Kölner Ladenstadt, Cologne

Selected group exhibitions

2012 "Futures", Artiscope, Brussels, Belgium
“From Waste to Art”, Gala settlement, Baku, Azerbaijan
"StadtLandFluss" Villa Burgeff, Hochheim, Germany
"Südwind", Schloss Plön, Germany
"Eco Art", Beijing, Hongkong, China
"MiArt", Milano, Italy
“ARTandPRESS”, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
2011 “The Nature of Waste”, 5imde Confercence, Honolulu, Hawai, Georgia State University, USA
“Car Culture”, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
“From Trash to Treasure”, Kunsthalle zu Kiel
“Freedom to Create”, Singapore, Malaysia
“Eco Art”, Shanghai, China
“Aktionsraum 1”, MUMOK, Vienna
“Umwelt -Akzente-1970”, Monschau, Germany
“Götterdämmerung”, Schloss Herrenchiemsee, Germany
“Ich sehe was du nicht siehst”, Osthaus Museum, Hagen
2010 “Human”, MAMAC, Nice, France
“/+\=X”, unit F404, Cape Town, South Africa
“PressArt”, Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, Switzerland
“Trash Society”, Avant - garde, Warsaw, Poland
“Newspaper Art”, Museum Siegburg,HdM Stuttgart
2009/10 “Record > Again”, ZKM Karlsruhe, Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Kunsthaus Dresden, Edith- Russ-Haus, Oldenburg, Germany
2009 “REstART”, G8 Siracusa, Italy
“Architectuur en Alfabet”, Centre for Architecture, Leiden, Netherlands
2008/09 “Performing the City”, Lothringer 13, Munich, PAN, Napoli,C C, São Paulo, INHA, Paris
2008 “Blattgold”, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen
2006 “Slum”, Neue Galerie Graz, Austria
“Drap-Art”, CCCB, Barcelona
2004 “Hommage an K.O. Götz”, Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg
2003 “Kilkenny Arts Festival”, Kilkenny Castle, Ireland
1996 “Die Kunst des Fliegens”, Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen
1995 “Das neue Köln”, Kunsthalle, Cologne
1994 “La ville”,Centre Pompidou, Paris, CCCB,Barcelona
1993 “Differentes Natures”, La Défense, Paris
1992 “Mythos Rhein”, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen
1991 “Black Box”, K.E. Osthaus-Museum, Hagen
1989 “Art and the Law”, Reno, Nevada, USA
“Wertpapier”, Künstlerwerkstatt, Munich
1988 “Zurück zur Natur, aber wie?”, Städt. Gal. im Prinz-Max-Palais, Karlsruhe
“Die Europa und der Stier”, Kunsthalle Bremen
“Papier-Biennale”, Düren, Germany
1987 “Auf ein Wort”, Gutenberg Museum, Mainz
1986 “Der Traum vom Raum”, Albrecht-Dürer- Gesellschaft, Nuremberg
“Der Baum in Mythologie und Kunstgeschichte”, Kunstverein Heidelberg, Staatsgal. Saarbrücken
“Der andere Blick”, Evgl. Krankenhaus, Bonn
1985 “1945 – 1985 – Kunst in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”, Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Staatsgalerie, Saarbrücken “Zeichnung – Video”, Museum Wiesbaden
1984 “Frieden...”, Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar
1983 “Frieden...”, Kunstverein Wolfsburg
1982 “Kunst wird Material”, Nationalgalerie, Berlin
“Kunst für den Bund”, Kunstmuseum Bonn
“Art +Photography”, Kunsthalle zu Kiel
1981 “Das Papier”, Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren
“Szenen der Volkskunst”, Kunstverein Stuttgart
“Oeuvres Plastiques des Artistes de laPerformance”, Elac, Lyon, France
1980 “Mensch u.Umwelt”, Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn
“Tel Hai 80”, Tel Hai - Art Institute, Israel
1979 “The Art of Performance”, Palazzo Grassi, Venice, Italy “Im Namen des Volkes”, Wilhelm-Lehmbruck- Museum, Duisburg, Künstlerhaus, Vienna
“Die Entfremdung der Stadt”, NBK, Berlin
“The Image of Man since 1945”, Fundatie Kunsthuis, Amsterdam
“Stellungnahme”, Kunstverein Bonn
1978 “Partei ergreifen”, Kunsthalle, Recklinghausen
“Prozesse”, Kunstverein, Bonn
1977 “documenta 6“, Kassel, Germany
“Fliegen – ein Traum”, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen
“L’espace d’évènement”, Europalia, Brussels
“Deutsche Grafik von 1900 bis heute”, Kunstihoones, Tallina, ESSR
1976 “Grafikbiennale”, Krakau, Poland
“Schuh-Werke”, Kunsthalle, Nuremberg
1975 “Der ausgesparte Mensch”, Kunsthalle, Mannheim
“Grafikbiennale”, Vienna, Austria
“Rencontres beaux arts /architecture”, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland
“Künstler der BRD”, Ständige Vertretung, Berlin -Mitte, East Germany
1974 “Landschaft – Gegenpol oder Fluchtraum? ”, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin
“Signifying”, The Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan
“Kunst in der Wirtschaft”, Historisches Museum, Hannover, Germany
“Projekt ’74”, Kunsthalle, Cologne
“Drawings”, Haus der Kunst, Munich
“The World Uprising III ”, The Data Center of Contemporary Art, Tokio, Japan
“Deutsche Kunst im 20. Jhd.”, Städt. Gal. Schloss Wolfsburg, Germany
“Schaufenster”, Württ. Kunstverein, Stuttgart
1973 “Landschaften”, Haus der Kunst, Munich
“Landschaften aus vier Jahrhunderten”, Kunsthalle Bielefeld
“Künstler u. Umwelt”, IKI, Düsseldorf
“Reale u. irreale Räume”, Falazik gallery, Neuenkirchen, Germany
“Art in the factory”, DEMAG, Duisburg
1972/73 “Kritische Grafik”, USA, Southamerica, Argentina
Chile, Uruguay, India, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Australia, New Zealand
1972 “documenta 5”, Kassel
“Verkehrskultur”, Kunstverein Münster
“Welt aus Sprache”, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
“Landschaft heute”, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
1971 “situation concepts”, Gal. Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna, Gal. Im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria
1970 “Jetzt. Künste in Deutschland heute”, Kunsthalle, Cologne
“Der Bildungstrieb der Stoffe”, Kunsthalle, Nuremberg
“Konzepte einer neuen Kunst”, Museum Göttingen
“Christo, HA Schult, Kosuth”, Art Agency, Oldenburg, Germany
“Umweltakzente”,Kunstkreis Monschau,Germany
1968 “subart”, Subway Station Giselastraße, Munich
1958 “Art Circle”, Unna, Germany